Have you ever been labeled to a group. Like in High school there would be different cliques and people would judge one another by labeling them? We tend to judge people by the way they look or act without even knowing how the person actually is. It’s become a habit of our society even though we have that saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. I remember how there were so many people who felt out of place because they were being labeled by others. Everyone thought that being popular in high school was so important back then. However as we grow up you realize it didn’t matter at all what groups you were in because it was just high school people are childish. When we step out of there and in to College you can see so many people who has changed physically and personality wise, the quiet ones being outgoing and the “nerds” becoming fun and more. When things change that people don’t expect it we start accusing them or changing our perspective of them into a more negative way rather than positive. For instance a used to be quiet girl now being more outgoing and attend parties like normal people would gain sort of weird feedbacks because they’re suppose to be the “Quite Girl” and such.

Recently I was watching a news report where some Chinese felt offended by a London reporter who had interviewed the Olympic Gold Medal Winner Ye Shiwen after her winning. She claimed that the swimmers of China were like robots, emotionless and does not know how to social interact with people because all Ye Shiwen could answer at the moment was that she was very happy and nothing else. She thinks that they were taken into an Academy in China to be trained for the Olympics since a young age and all they do is Train and doesn’t have a social life. Making it seem like China forcefully take away the social life and freedom of their participants creating “robots”. However another reporter who interviewed the young 16 year old winner days later described her as a charming and funny girl. Stating that the interview was great and that she had witty comments that were quite amusing. She was asked how come she didn’t say much after her winning during the interviews and she explained she was too overwhelmed by the joy and happiness she was at a lost of words and thoughts. She then explained that she was shocked when they had announced her as the winner because she thought she had lost because when she looked around there was no one, thinking that they had swan ahead leaving her behind. Also the fact that they were accusing her of taking drugs before the Olympics to break a world record in swimming has garner much negative feedback from people.



Personally, I usually intake caffeine when I drink energy drinks. Caffeine helps me stay awake when I needed to do important things. Caffeine is usually in tea or coffee, and also caffeine is in kola nuts and cocoa beans. In other words it means without knowing, many people actually intake caffeine in their diet. Many people should know that caffeine could be addictive, and there are symptoms of withdrawal from caffeine such as having headache, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, depressed mood, and difficulty concentrating. In addition, caffeine does not cause the severity of withdrawal or harmful drug-seeking behaviors as street drugs or alcohol. For this reason, most experts don’t consider caffeine dependence a serious addiction. Caffeine may cause insomnia, when consuming caffeine later in the day it may interfere with sleep. Though, caffeine may even have a protective effect against certain cancers.

Moreover, Caffeine has become popular in energy drinks for children. Children could be sensitive to caffeine; first it would develop temporary anxiety or irritability, with a “crash” afterwards. Also, most caffeine that children drink is in sodas, energy drinks, or sweetened teas, all of which have high sugar content. These empty calories put kids at higher risk for obesity. There are some studies that suggest caffeine may also reduce the risk of having Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, colorectal cancer, two types of diabetes, and dementia. But let’s not forget that intaking high levels of caffeine may have adverse effects. For more information on myths and facts 


It is agreeable that there is nothing worse than when the sound of someone snoring if one is trying to fall asleep. A person who snores is usually being tease by others about the noises that person makes. Snoring is not just disturbing and noisy. Sometimes it is a sign of a serious medical problem that should be treated by a professional. Snoring is a common problem that can happen to anyone at any age. Snoring occurs when a person is not able to breath air freely through his or her nose, and mouth while they are asleep. People snore for many reasons such as Seasonal allergies can make some people’s noses stuffy and cause them to snore, Blocked nasal passages, or airways that are cause by a cold, or a sinus infection, sometimes drinking alcohol can relax the tongue and throat muscles too much, which partially blocks air movement as someone is breathing, and can contribute to snoring noises, being overweight can cause narrowing of the air passages. Many people who are very overweight may snore. Snoring is also one symptom of a serious sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. When a person has sleep apnea, his or her breathing is irregular during sleep. Typically, someone with sleep apnea will actually stop breathing for short amounts of time a night! It can be a big problem if the person doesn’t get enough oxygen. People who have this disorder often wake up with bad headaches and feel exhausted all day long. They may be very drowsy and have difficulty staying awake while having a conversation or even while driving. One who is affected by sleep apnea may be irritable and have difficulty concentrating. For solutions to stop snoring please go to helpguide

Heart Burn

Heart burn has become more common for young people.  Heart burn is a painful and burning sensation in the esophagus.  The Pain may get worse when one is lying down, and Coughing or wheezing may occur. Heart burn could be trigger by many reasons such as going to bed or laying down soon after eating, eat food that are fat or spicy, Eating certain fruits and vegetables like citrus, tomatoes, onions, chocolate and mints.  In addition, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, drinking soda, coffee, and other carbonated or caffeinated beverages could also trigger heart burn. Healthy choices like a good diet and regular exercise can help one to avoid the usual symptoms of heartburn. Though, stress is another cause of heartburn that many people might not think about as often. This is a not a obvious factor of heartburn that can occur.

If one has frequent heartburn, one may experience changes that affect on one lifestyle. Frequent heartburn may affect a person’s abilities to focus at work. In addition, there’s the stress factor of heartburn that can make one seem ill-tempered or moody. One might even find it difficult to fully enjoy social occasions. There are also the effects of finding it hard to sleep due to heartburn. Moreover, the after-effects are that the next day of getting less sleep than you desire the night before.
Like the physical symptoms of heartburn, these effects can be just as discomforting to anyone, not to mention the people who care about the person who has heart burn. 

The Sweetheart, The Toughie, and The Fat Kid


Hello There ~

We are Cream, Cookie, and Toffee

I just wanted to write about my lovely little ones. They mean so much to mean. Funny though, because I used to be scared of dogs of any size and now we own 3 dogs. I never understood how people had such a close relationship with their dogs and treat them more than a pet. And how people were able to kiss their dogs or allow them to attack them with licks. I always found it gross because there’s so much saliva. As time pass by though I got really close to them and we went through so much together that our bond is so strong. I can finally understand why people have such close ties with their dogs now.

I used to think that all dogs were the same they just lick, run, play, and are loyal. Never thought that they would also have their own personality traits like humans. As I got to know them better I found out how different they are from one another. My Cream Boy (Golden) is one of the sweetest and kindest doggy there is. He’s always so lovable and kind. He has a great temper and loves to play with people. He’s always got that puppy eye going on and you can’t resist but love him so much. He also loves to shower you with kisses and makes you so happy. Although he never picks fights he’ll fight if he’s pushed to his limit and he’s so loyal and protective. He’s like the sweetheart of the family. Then comes Cookie (Black and Brown). She’s like the mature big sister. Shes a toughie, just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’s weak. She’s so lovable, active, and fun. Out of all 3 she’s the bravest and most adventurous. She is always seeking for new adventures while the boys just follow. She’s probably one of the happiest dog you’ll meet, her tail is wagging 24/7. She always LOVES to eat and she eats EVERYTHING. She’s really sweet but don’t ever try to touch her food, she doesn’t like to share. She the tough cookie of the family. Last but not least is the baby of the family, Toffee (Brown and white Corgi). He’s the fat kid in the family, as a matter of fact his nickname is actually Fat Boy because he’s so fluffy, round, and has a big butt. He may be the youngest but he’s slightly bossy, possessive, and he gets VERY jealous.He’s always kind of awkward but it’s so cute because he only likes people that he knows lol. He likes to take other peoples toy even though he has his own. (Jerk) lol If the you’re playing with the other two he’ll come over and bark them off and try to hog you for himself, but that’s just his way of showing his love. That’s what makes him so cute though and what you have to love about him though. He likes to snuggle with you and makes these cute little noise so that you can’t reject him. Like I said he’s the Fat boy and the baby.

Bringing them home was probably one of the best choices that I’ve made. They are so cute, loveable, friendly, fun, and important. They mean so much to me and my family. They definitely brought us closer to one another too. If I am having a crappy day when I come home to them they will always lick my mood back up and make me smile with their love. I can promise that if you plan to get a puppy in the future you won’t regret it, but be ready for the responsibilities. They’re not like human babies and children so you have to be extra attentive to them since they can’t cry or tell you when something is wrong. They’re fun and joyful to have, but you need to take responsibilities cause they aren’t toys. My advice is to not get 3 at once because they can be a handful and having so many is hectic, tiring, and hard to train. With all that said if you plan on getting one Congrats! You’ll love them so please shower them with love.





The Amazing Role Model



Taylor Swift, singer and writer of her hit albums Taylor Swift, Fearless, and Speak Now, is known as America’s pop-country artist. A multimillionaire by the age of 17, Swift has definitely gone the distance to live a dream. Her concert in Madison Square Garden in 2011 sold out in a minute. One minute, now that’s quite remarkable. Winning the Grammy Award for Album of the year, Taylor Swift’s Fearless has truly been a remarkable success for the music industry. Not only does Swift write her own songs, but her songs tell a personal story about her past, adding true inspiration into her writing. With over millions of fans worldwide, one can say Taylor Swift is truly an amazing artist.

My point is that, Swift not only is an amazing artist, but she serves as a wonderful role model for many of her fans. Kids look up to her and she recognizes it, she is one of the most innocent celebrities out there. No clubs, no drugs, no alcohol. It’s amazing, but she doesn’t give into peer pressure and that’s something that many teens become a victim of. Peer pressure gets to many teenagers today, all they want to do is fit in. At their age though, teenagers feel as if everyone is judging them. Teenagers grow paranoid, but Swift serves as an important role model reminding us all that it’s okay to be who we are. 


Maturity. Peh. I laugh at that word. Maturity, the most mature of mankind are not those that are educated, not those who are grown up, but rather those who are innocent and those who know least. Children. Funny how adults, they tell you to behave, be honest, don’t drink, use good judgement, but it’s truly ironic how because they are “mature” they go do all the things they tell you not to. It’s a cruel and twisted world. Yet, children, mankind in the earliest of stages are the most decent human beings one could ever meet. They aren’t afraid to express their mind, nor do they deceive you for who they are. Children can express their mind freely, they don’t knock  themselves down. They indeed stand above all of us.

I envy them. We all should remind ourselves of our childhood where we weren’t afraid of what others thought. Where we did what we wanted to because we didn’t know better. The times where you knew who you were. Where you could just be you. When we all had real friends, friends we would hang out with and play with. How many people even “play” these days? Funny how no one even really knows how to enjoy themselves no more. I remember the times on the playground where I never wanted to leave, I remember four square with friends, I remember lining up everyday just to fight over a ball to play. No longer do I see such enthusiasm in my life. No longer is there such joy, no longer do i see friends willing to play a game of handball or even tag.

The days as a kid where I could enjoy myself. The days when people would actually play hide and seek. Kids know a lot more about living than most any of us realize. They can enjoy themselves. How many of us can actually say we are happy these days? That we enjoy every day life gives us and make the most out of it? Truth is, immaturity is probably the best way to live your life. You learn from your mistakes, but sometimes you gotta just let everything go and live. Be free like the wind and forget about what others may think, in the end you only end up as who you were meant to be.

Maybe I’m not what others may consider “mature” but I define myself as who I wish to be. Sure I may be a kid, but I’m glad I am. I can be chill and enjoy my life. And if so, I don’t ever wanna grow up.